GVS Group

The GVS Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of micro-porous and track etched membrane and microfiltration devices for applications in Healthcare, Automotive, Life Science, Personal Protection, Hvac and Appliance industries, outdoor power equipment, powersport and on-and off highway commercial vehicle markets. 

GVS produce a wide range of standard filters and components across all the divisions, as well as bespoke OEM designs. GVS has developed a flexible and dynamic structure with advanced technological skills. 

For more than 35 years, GVS has focused on innovating its products and production processes, constantly improving its development capacity to provide the best products, service and support for its clients.

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Global Development

Ever since it was founded, the GVS Group has demonstrated a strong inclination towards expansion into global markets. Through the GVS Corporate headquarters and subsidiaries worldwide GVS have built a commercial and manufacturing network to support its clients locally offering a more effective and efficient technical support and customer service.

In high technology and safety critical markets GVS has found it vitally important to be able to work at a local level with customers as well as remaining in contact with their head offices globally. With this approach GVS have been able to share innovative solutions to problems across their international network.

GVS currently have sites in the following locations: Italy (3), UK (1), Brazil (1), USA (4), China (2) and Romania (1) as well as offices in Germany, Russia, Turkey, Argentina, Japan, Korea, India and Malaysia.